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At Christ Church Grammar School we focus on the essential skills of reading, writing and numeracy. We nurture each child’s social, emotional, spiritual and academic development.

Guiding Pillars

Our four guiding pillars set our strategic direction

Our Children
Our People
Our Community
Our Future

Our Children

Children are at the centre of all decisions at Christ Church Grammar School.  We invest time, care and attention in every child. Small classes mean that our students are known by their teachers. 

We are committed to establishing work habits and the foundations of learning. We focus on each child, to set them up for the future. 

We recognise their difference and offer exceptional levels of support; social, emotional, spiritual and academic. 

We provide a range of academic and co-curricular programs that consolidate their foundational skills as well as provide opportunities that will sustain their future selves. 

We will continue to be guided by best practices and research in Early Learning and Primary Education. 

Our People

Our people are the lifeblood of the school. It is their professionalism and care that ensure our students are well-prepared for school transition. 

We take every care to ensure our people have the necessary skills, equipment and support to ensure every child is nurtured and valued academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. 

We will continue to focus on building a collaborative and united team across all parts of the school by celebrating and sharing the successes of our people and school. 

We recognise that our people are the touchstone and are critical for the development of the child. We will continue to invest and provide professional growth opportunities for every staff member.

Our Community

Our community is the soul of our school. We care deeply for each other and for the children in our school. The family values established over 125 years ago are strong and vibrant today. 

We strive to provide clear and purposeful communication in a timely and appropriate manner. 

We will continue to build strong and enduring relationships with community partners, Friends of CCGS, Christ Church South Yarra, South Yarra Presbyterian Church, the 2/14th Regiment, Red Dust, and Anglicare.

Our Future

We are committed to developing facilities that meet the needs of our students and community well into the future. 

Reviewing our campus master plan will include planning and developing a new purpose-built Early Years Learning Centre (ELC – Year 2) and reviewing the existing buildings and facilities to ensure they meet the requirements for Enterprise and Life Learning in Years 3 to 6. 

Continued strong financial management and governance enhance our capacity to provide support for our people, community and children.