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Every day at Christ Church Grammar School's Early Learning Centre (ELC) is an adventure for your child. Our dedicated ELC team is the heart of early learning, committed to nurturing each child and fostering essential skills for school readiness.

Early learning for a great start 

Our ELC teachers develop warm and caring relationships with every child, encouraging them to be adventurous and embrace new challenges. We spark curiosity in our 3 and 4-year-olds through fun and exciting adventures, tailoring our program to help your child explore their passions and interests.

Knowing each child

We monitor and track each child's progress across a variety of developmental areas including early numeracy and literacy skills, physical development and personal development. We use assessment tools to ensure each child is developing to be their very best.

Our teaching team are committed to professional learning and using information to develop individual plans for each child.

My daughter was nervous about starting at ELC, but now she has an adventure every day. The trip home is full of chatter about what she created and found out.”
ELC Parent
Our Curriculum

We prepare your child for Prep by developing a strong foundation in numeracy and literacy. We are purposeful in our approach. Aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework, our approach at Christ Church Grammar School combines best practice with evidence-based research. Our experienced ELC teachers are purposeful in their methods, aiming to develop critical thinking and lifelong learning skills. We enable each child to develop effective language, problem solving, creativity and self-regulation skills across key learning areas. 

A great start at ELC

We offer specialist programs in music, library and physical education for the children in our 3 and 4-year-old early learning program. Co-curricular activities, including Suzuki violin and French, are also available.

A Seamless Transition

Our ELC program seamlessly prepares children for their next step into Prep. We collaborate closely with Prep teachers to ensure a smooth transition and lay the foundation for a successful and enriching primary school experience.