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We aim to provide a nurturing environment that supports your child’s educational and social development. The Christ Church Grammar School community respects diversity and understands that students have unique wellbeing and learning needs.

A thriving community

We are proud of our warm, welcoming school community. We nurture positive relationships with our families, to support each child in their development. 

We actively encourage open communication between the school and home and encourage parents to contact the school to discuss any matters or concerns. Regular events such as Parent Information evenings, Grandparents' Day, Music Soirees, classroom events, and our Friends of Christ Church Grammar events are opportunities to share student learning. 

Parents and teachers meet regularly to share student progress and set goals for future learning at parent/teacher interviews and program support group meetings.


A whole school approach to student wellbeing

The Principal, Deputy Principal, Head of Individual Differences, Head of Early Years and the Chaplain provide a framework for the collegial management of student and family matters. 

Our classroom teachers are the first and most important point of contact for parents as they provide ongoing support for all the students in their care. 

Our staff work together as a team to implement a positive approach to student behaviour that is both proactive and pre-emptive in the management of potential issues. Clear processes are in place to address any concerns that arise.


Building Positive Relationships

We support the emotional, academic, and social health of our students through programs that develop a sense of connection and belonging. These programs include Peer Mentoring and Buddy program, House events and activities, lunchtime clubs, and extra-curricular activities.