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We open doors to the world through our language program, where our students learn about language and culture.

Igniting minds with our LOTE program

The LOTE program is delivered interactively to maximise students’ engagement. The children are encouraged to learn their chosen language - French or Chinese for classroom routines, structured learning tasks, language experimentation, and practice. 

The lower year levels engage with various spoken, visual, and basic written texts. For these young students, learning is focused on the self and their immediate world of family, school, friends, and neighbourhood. Students listen to the teacher talk, share ideas, and join in stories, songs, play, and simple conversations. They learn how to make meaning using visual, non-verbal, and contextual cues such as intonation, gestures, and facial expressions.

The upper-year levels learn how to exchange more complex ideas and information, negotiate predictable activities and interactions, and participate in shared tasks, performance, and cultural projects. Students continue to build on their vocabulary and use a broader range of grammar to communicate in familiar contexts. Imaginative and interactive texts such as picture books, stories, songs, role-plays, computer games, and research are used to introduce students to the expressive and cultural dimensions of their chosen LOTE language.