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We are proud of our warm and welcoming school community, where every child feels ready to learn. In our Prep to Year 2 program, we focus on the essential skills essential skills of reading, writing and numeracy to set up your child for life.

Prep - Year 2

The first five or six years of school are the most critical in a child’s life, which is why we invest in these years. We focus on learning to read and write, to communicate and be numerate. 

At Christ Church Grammar School we are proud of our warm and caring school community, where every child feels welcome and at home. This creates a safe environment for learning, making it possible for every child to succeed and to reach important developmental milestones. 

Developing a love of learning

In these early years, we allow your child the time to explore and become curious. Time for discovery fosters a love of learning, and we design fun and adventurous activities to inspire your child.

We share your desire for your child to be happy, as we know that this supports their learning.  We are committed to helping you teach your child about respect, empathy and tolerance.


A focus on the fundamental skills

At Christ Church Grammar School we use an explicit instruction methodology to teach fundamental skills and knowledge in literacy and numeracy.

Explicit instruction is a structured, systematic and effective way to teach academic skills.  Students are guided and supported, with clear explanations, until they master each new skill.

Reading for life

We use the systematic phonics program to teach our Prep and Year 1 students to read.  This program is an explicitly taught approach to teaching fundamental, foundation skills.

The program includes daily practice of skills and reading with de-codable books, and links the teaching of reading, writing and spelling. 


Expert teachers at Christ Church Grammar School

Our teachers are leaders in early years education and draw on their extensive experience, and best-practice research.