Transitions | Christ Church Grammar School



Helping students move seamlessly through each stage of learning

One of the ways we do this is by ensuring that each family's transition into the school is welcoming and that every child feels settled.

From our youngest children entering our 3 Year Old Program, through to those who join us in other years, the emphasis is on ensuring a seamless transition for each family.

3 Year Old Program

Transition into our 3 Year Old Program commences with a personal tour and the opportunity for parents to stay with their child and spend some time engaging in our program.

We also offer families a series of play dates and special events in the year prior to commencing at the school, so that families can meet in an informal setting and get to know one another.

Towards the end of the year, we begin a familarisation program where the children will spend time in their classrooms for the following year and experience different teachers and groups of children.

Our teachers are highly supportive of meeting the needs of each child and are more than happy to work with families on more individualised transitions, where required.

Year 2

As children finish in Year 1 in the Parkside building, they move "up the path" to our Main School, to begin Year 2.

Although the children move between these sites seamlessly on a daily basis for specialist classes, there is certainly an air of excitement when they are ready to make this transition.

We manage this by hosting a range of learning experiences including a Main School tour and Q&A session with the previous year's cohort of Year 1 children. This is a precious time and one that our younger children approach with great enthusiasm.

Other transition programs

As well as these specific programs, we ensure that any new families to the school outside the main entry levels are provided with personalised tours and arrangements to suit their child including a trial day at the school.

Transition as students move to the next year level are also managed on an individual basis, as each child's needs are considered carefully, as they are placed with a new cohort and teacher for the following year.

We have a transition morning at the end of each year so that all children can spend some time with their new class for the following year.

Transition to secondary school

Our Year 6 children have a special time in their final year with our extensive leadership program which is aimed at supporting them in their transition to secondary school.

We celebrate the Christ Church Grammar School  journey at the end of the year with a Chapel Service and formal dinner as the children leave us for the next stage of their learning journey.

A formal handover to the relevant staff members in your child's secondary school is also offered to all families and of course, we welcome the opportunity to speak with families about their secondary school choices at any time.