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Individual Differences

Individual Differences

We address the diverse individual learning needs of all students

The Individual Differences team’s purpose is to provide support and guidance for the effective differentiation of all aspects of the curriculum, in order to effectively address the diverse individual learning needs of all students. The team’s overarching goal is to continually strive to best meet the individual needs of our students in order to honour each child’s individuality.

Values statements

Two of the school’s values Cherish individuality and Inspire excellence underpin our Individual Differences procedures at Christ Church Grammar School. In honouring each child’s individuality, the school provides rich educational programs which offer appropriate and targeted learning opportunities for all students, including those who are academically able, those who require additional intervention and every child in between. These statements align with the school’s notion of inclusive education - to meet the diverse learning needs of all students within a mainstream context.

Teaching and learning

At Christ Church Grammar School, the Australian Curriculum is read and implemented as a continuum of learning where students can be working towards Achievement Standards above, at or below their current year level. We strongly support the belief that a student will progress along a continuum of learning and that each student is learning at their own level of development.

If a student demonstrates competency levels greater than those articulated for their year level, then they will be afforded opportunities to begin work on advanced content.  Likewise, students who demonstrate they are not meeting the minimum requirements of their year level’s Achievement Standards are given the appropriate support to progress and improve in their learning.

Teaching teams

Collaborative teaching teams are responsible for the individualised teaching and learning programs of all students. At each year level the teaching team consists of class teachers, Individual Differences teachers and an educational assistant. The Individual Differences team members teach during English and Maths classes to support the provision of differentiated instruction and support their colleagues by using detailed information on each student to guide teaching and learning. They also contribute to the monitoring of assessment results and documentation of any adjustments required.

Students with high ability

Modifications to the curriculum are made through adjustments to content, process and product in order to meet the needs of high ability learners. As for all students, the curriculum is engaging, relevant and challenging, as well as developmentally appropriate. They are provided with opportunities to participate in a range of competitions such as Maths Olympiad, Maths Talent Quest, Night of the Notables, Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Competition and the ICAS Competitions to further extend their learning.

Students with learning difficulties or disability

Students with learning difficulties are considered to be those students who are not achieving the outcomes of the Australian Curriculum according to expectations. These students will experience difficulties, and will require support for their learning, for a range of reasons and with varying degrees of intensity and duration.


Key to our student’s development is the welfare of each and every individual and our team is a key contributor to their learning and wellbeing. An open, positive partnership between our staff and parents is valued. The program support group meetings and regular parent teacher meetings are an active and regular form of communication between parents and teachers of individual students.